TRAKS has always believed in adopting the highest safety standards when it comes to rope access training. The obvious choice was IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), the only recognized rope access trade organization globally, with the best safety track record.

As the largest IRATA training center in the Middle East region, TRAKS is a leader in best practices and a strong evangelist of the IRATA code of practice.

Always eager to be at the forefront of safety, we actually train on several types of PPE, Rig, I’D, ASAP, Shunts to ensure workers understand how to use the full spectrum available. As far as training in the Middle East, we have taken the lead and moved away from all discussions by using the ASAP as the main back-up for fall arrest device. We also constantly engage and work with local legislators, and stakeholders, to raise the safety level of working at heights in the region.

irata_trainingAs the largest rope access training company in the region, we help more rope access technicians to successfully get their IRATA certification year after year.

All this simply means is that lives are saved, not just by working with local legislators but also by making sure that more workers are trained to follow the IRATA code of practice.


TRAKS also trains most of the first responder teams in the region (civil defense, army and police) in accordance to NFPA 1670 standard for technical rescue in risk environments including swiftwater, ice and rope rescue. This is important because training to a recognized standard is a key factor in reducing your organization’s risk profile.

Over the years TRAKS has trained Dubai Police Rescue teams in Technical Rope Rescue and Swiftwater Rescue, the Abu Dhabi Police Rescue teams and many others in the region.

Other NFPA rated courses are also offered for specialized work rescues in difficult working environments.

– Tower Safety and Rescue for the tower worker

– Confined Space for Industry


We train how we work, this means our real-world training center offers you the chance to experience every scenario you can face in the real world.

  • Recent scaffold, aiding beams and stacked platforms.
  • Clean, well lit training center with lighting truss, confined spaces, low angle slope, indoor climbing walls, aid beams and steel lattice structures.
  • Air-conditioned lecture room
  • Extensive training equipment available for trainees
  • Toilets and coffee area