New Croll Update

Just a quick update from Petzl on the latest about the new Croll debunking some of the most recent issues highlited during tests – interesting videos.

Product information: new CROLL®

Response to SNS CAI web publication, posted April 20, 2013, regarding the new Petzl CROLL.


  • The SNS CAI Working Group questioned the safety of the new Petzl CROLL. The question raised indirectly by their work is this: while the removal of the cam stop and reduction in frame thickness have contributed to the lighter weight and smaller size of the new CROLL, have these improvements been made at the expense of user safety?
  • To clarify this question, a three-page report dedicated entirely to the Petzl CROLL chest ascender was published on the SNS CAI website on April 20, 2013. In the report, the SNS CAI working group concluded: “the 2013 Petzl CROLL is an ascender that should be used with extreme caution, with frequent inspections of its condition, and should be replaced if subjected to a load of greater than 4 kN (400 kgf)”.


  • The results of this work and its conclusions were published on the web, without the SNS CAI first trying to present them to Petzl. We can only be disappointed by this process, since such information, communicated without a balanced view and clearly raising doubt about the safety of the product, is harmful to the company, and to the trust that users place in their equipment. Following a phone conversation with the SNS CAI coordinator, Francesco SALVATORI, we understand that the implied questions are:
    – Why did Petzl make these technical choices?
    – Why did Petzl remove the cam stop?
    – Why would Petzl have put an item of PPE (personal protective equipment) on the market that the SNS CAI judged a posteriori, “should be used with extreme caution”?
    – Why would APAVE, an independent lab overseen by the Ministry of Industry, have given its approval for this apparently risky product to be put on the market?


In order to help shed light on the debate, Petzl would like to contribute the following: results of tests on the new CROLL.
Download results (pdf) >>

Click on the picture below to watch the video croll


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Just a quick update from Petzl on the latest about the new Croll debunking some of the most recent i[more]