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TRAKS recently invited Phil Bence, one of the best cavers in the world and also a member of the Petzl team. Caving might not appear like a likely activity in a desert region, but there are quite a few very large cavities, and beautiful massive underground chambers. The visit was a great opport[more]
Read Macadam is a young Canadian climber opening the hardest routes in the Middle East. Find out what happens after he breaks his arm and how it changes the way he approaches climbing.   [more]
In January 2012, Petzl released a statement that withdrew its earlier support for the use of the Shunt as a rope access back-up device. Petzl‘s main concern is the Shunt can be defeated by the user when used with a tow string and lanyard. In fact there have been accidents caused by users defe[more]
Just a quick update from Petzl on the latest about the new Croll debunking some of the most recent issues highlited during tests - interesting videos. Product information: new CROLL® Response to SNS CAI web publication, posted April 20, 2013, regarding the new Petzl CROLL. Facts [more]